Swindon Recital Series 2024-25

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Paul Turner
It’s extraordinary to think that we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st Century, yet we still approach 20th Century music as if it’s something to fear! Our last two seasons – French Impressions and Bohemian Rhapsodies – relied heavily on music from the 20th Century, without any complaint from our audience. I felt it was the right time to make it central to our new season, so Modernist Classics was born.
The century is nothing if not diverse, with music ranging from jazz, through impressionist, modern, post-modern, neo-classical, atonal, 12 tone, serial, minimalist, popular song, film music etc. etc. etc. As a result, it’s impossible to show every aspect of a Century in just seven concerts, but we’re going to give it a good try!

I’ve chosen a combination of unassailable masterpieces and great composers who have a distinct style that pushed forward the development of classical music. We’re pushing the boundaries of chamber music too, with our percussion ensemble (two pianos!) and our semi-staged life of Cole Porter. His music’s light touch conceals Porter’s personal story and gives us a taste of the times in his complicated life as a gay man in a less accepting era. Our remaining concerts feature major names such as Shostakovich, Poulenc, Marc Mellits, Richard Rodney Bennett, Prokofiev, Martinů, Gershwin,
Tippett, Debussy and Ginastera.

It seemed particularly apt to programme Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time on the anniversary of 9/11 and at a time of continued conflict throughout the world. Messiaen wrote the piece while a prisoner of war in German captivity and it was first performed by his fellow prisoners. He later recalled, “Never was I listened to with such rapt attention and comprehension”. Suitable words to describe our whole season, specifically designed to introduce you to extraordinarily diverse music, beyond your imagination.

Paul Turner
Founder and Artistic Director
Swindon Recital Series

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Swindon Recital Series provides high quality professionally performed chamber music at affordable and inclusive ticket prices.


We promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art and science of chamber music.

Artistic Direction

Professional musicians, ensembles, and repertoire combine to create an annual themed series that is enjoyable, enriching and educational.

Julian Metzger – cello

19th March 2025 Wyvern Theatre @ 1:05 pm Julian Metzger cello Paul Turner piano Drama and virtuosity are on full display in Martinů’s...

Paul Turner – piano

27th April 2025 Arts Centre @ 3:00 pm An intriguing combination of Jazz, Classical, Romantic, Modernist, Impressionist and Tango, with...

Christopher Gibbons and Rae Todd – clarinets

29th January 2025 Wyvern Theatre @ 1:05 pm Christopher Gibbons clarinet Rae Todd clarinet Just two clarinets weave a magical spell with...

‘Just one of those things’

15th December 2024 Arts Centre @ 3:00 pm Clare McCaldin vocals Paul Sheehan vocals Stephen Dickinson piano ‘Just one of those things’ is a...

Dale Piano Trio with Elizabeth Drew

11th September 2024 Wyvern Theatre @ 1:05 pm Miranda Dale violin Caroline Dale cello Paul Turner piano Elizabeth Drew clarinet Messiaen’s...

Carol Hubel-Allen – Viola

13th November 2024 Wyvern Theatre @ 1:05 pm Paul Turner piano The many faces of Shostakovich explored in his film music to the Gadfly and...

Rhythmic Virtuosity

19th February 2025 Wyvern Theatre @ 1:05 pm Clare Toomer piano Paul Turner piano Sacha Johnson percussion Alastair Marshallsay percussion...

25th Anniversary Recitals

25th Anniversary Recital MORE ensemble encore: Paul Turner plays Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

25th Anniversary Recital MORE ensemble: Sir Beelzebub from Walton’s Façade.